Stay Hydrated, the Ayurvedic way!
Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle has amazing health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. Water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as "tamra jal" in Ayurvedic medicine) balances the three doshas (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. Water stored in a copper vessel will also become natural alkaline water, which helps balance you body's pH levels.

Studes show copper is antibacterial, acts as an effective antioxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals, and stimulates the brain.
Perfect for those with an active lifestyle.
In addition to the health benefits, drinking from copper vesels help support the environment by avoiding the use of plastic bottles.

Copper can react with certain acids, including citric acid, so it's best to only use water inside your copper water bottle.

Copper Water Bottle

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