James Mason-Redpath, Owner/Yoga Instructor

I first discovered Yoga in 2002, during a rehabilitation program while in recovery from a car accident. Realizing the benefits to the body, I was surprised to find significant emotional and mental benefits that come from connecting the breath with the body and mind.


This lead to the love of sharing the practice with others, resulting in teacher training of the 26&2 (classical hatha system from the Ghosh lineage) in 2015 with Evolation Yoga in Melbourne, Australia.

With ongoing studies and expansion of my knowledge, In 2016 I also became certified in Yin yoga, finding its passive and relaxing energy the perfect balance to the active and engaging Hatha yoga.

2018 saw me traveling to Malaga, Spain to study beyond the 26&2 under the guidance of my teacher Tony Sanchez. This allowed me to dive deeper into the lineage of the classic 84 in the Ghosh tradition.


I prefer to take a functional approach to the body when it comes to teaching. In my classes you will find focus on simplicity of the postures and their benefits to the body and mind. With encouragement to focus on your unique body and its needs, helping you create a practice that is truly your own.


Outside of the studio I am usually exploring trails and tracks with my dogs, or tending to my plant babies(proud plant dad here).


​Join me on the mat to challenge yourself, connect within and grow. See the subtle changes that eventually become big changes. Get to know yourself, truly see yourself, cultivate mindfulness and presence.

Shawn Mason-Redpath, Owner

Our other Director at Healthy Self Yoga. Shawn is the man behind the scenes who project managed the build of the studio, website and everything in between, and got the space ready for us to practice in!


You’ll see him around the studio and in class. He’ll likely be behind the reception desk at times too so if you have any questions come say hi, he is the tech savvy guy and always happy to help.


Shawn loves a nice slow hatha class, in particular the Ghosh lineage, that allows him time in each posture to connect with mindful movements, while also tracking progress on the mat through the repetition of the series.

Outside of the studio you can find him up Coronet, snowboarding in the winter season or around town at some of his favourite cafe hangs.

Caroline Lewis, Yoga Instructor

Caroline is from the UK and completed her yoga training in Bali in May 2018 with Blissology. She has been teaching in Oamaru for the past 18 months and has recently moved back to Queenstown. She has a passion for continually learning, having completed further trainings in Yoga Nidra and Pre-natal yoga.


Teaching others gives Caroline the honour of sharing all the joys and good feels yoga gives to her. Not just the physical aspects of enjoying some yummy stretching and getting into our juicy spots, but also how your practice brings awareness and connection to our breath, body and mind. Sharing this is a joy, seeing others find these tools within themselves, building a community of support, sharing and growing together through this journey with compassion towards ourselves, our surroundings and each other.

She is a conduit for mindfulness, nature and community, striving to hold a comfortable, inviting space for all with a focus on alignment to allow a sustainable, safe practice.

Sierra Espinal, Yoga Instructor

Sierra is originally from Seattle, Washington. She began her yoga journey in 2013 as part of her recovery regime for competitive distance running. Little did she know at the time how much it would impact the trajectory of her life. After a couple serious injuries that put a hold to her running career she decided to travel outside the U.S. and experience the depth of other cultures and ways of living. The first step was India mostly drawn by the vastness of the Himalayas and later in the trip stumbled into a Sivananda Ashram. It was there she started to learn much more about yoga than just the physical asana practice. She began to understand the greater purpose for asana, pranayama, and meditation. 


She is passionate about molding and combining all that she has learned and continues to learn, in both Vinyasa and Yin style classes that touch on all aspects of us- mind, body, spirit, soul. Raising vibrations running through the river of our veins, expanding our heart space, and growing our collective consciousness. Sierra is deeply inspired by nature and the outdoors as she feels it is one of her greatest teachers. She likes to integrate the lessons she learns from the outdoors into her practice and offerings.

Sierra wants to give the power back to her students to discover their own ability to listen and heal themselves with the tools she can provide and guidance she can authentically and humbly give.

She will always be a student first and teacher second and she is grateful to learn from each class and every student.


Sierra Lives by the mantra "Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu" / "May all beings be happy and free and may the thoughts words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all"

Clare Evans, Meditation Guide

Solutions are in the stillness – there are times when we all need to stop and listen to our inner wisdom. With many years of experience guiding participants through meditation, Clare has found we all have our own answers, our own strength and our own creative instinct when we quiet our minds and bodies enough to hear. 


Her deep passion for mediation is rooted in a shamanic cosmology, with a quantum physics flow, and a joyful heart. During meditation Clare will guide you back to your connection with all things, including your own power, remembering you are not alone on this planet, and from a heart space, a place of dreaming, anything is possible. Deeply relaxing, meditation is medicine for life, allowing your mind, body, emotions and spirit to reset, rebalance and re-energise, and your inner being to shine.

Naomi Ishii, Tai Chi Instructor

Naomi grew up outdoors in Japan, and came to Queenstown in 2000.

She started learning Tai Chi because she felt an inner force energy (Qi) strongly drawing her to the practice. Soon after Naomi started teaching Tai Chi so she could introduce its benefits to her family and friends. Finding within her practice, the benefits of body balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, muscle control and a deepening of sleep and an overall health. Tai Chi to Naomi is a life time of learning.


Outside of the studio you can find Naomi out on the water, surfing and sailing with her family or exploring her other passions of rock climbing and yoga.

Lauren Wilding, Yoga Instructor

Lauren is a Kiwi girl originally from Greymouth, on the West Coast. After dancing her way through childhood she discovered Yoga, where her passion for body movement was fed and enhanced by learning and experiencing what Yoga is all about.


Like most, she was lured in by the challenge of the asana practice, which was deeply enhanced through traditional Yogic training in India, where the philosophies of Yoga ran deep. After 9 years of teaching various styles of Yoga, these philosophies still weave into every session with Lauren, as she guides a fun, light-hearted educational practice.


Lauren is also a qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Massage Therapist, modalities which complement the yogic practice and allow for a truly holistic experience if desired. Lauren believes that Yoga is the answer to all of life’s problems – a science, an art, and a healing therapy.


No matter your intention for coming to your practice, you will leave with a snippet of Yoga to carry into your daily life, and hopefully a smile or even a giggle too.

Emily Ruygrok, Yoga Instructor

Emily is a 28 year-old New Zealander who began her journey with yoga six years ago after experiencing rare feelings of peace while living in the fast pace of London.


She ended up following her unending curiosity and connection to the practice to India, where she spent a year immersing herself in traditional practices and ancient wisdom, completely flipping her outlook on life.


Since then she has done an extensive range of training around the world, studying the modalities of Vinyasa, Traditional Tantric Hatha, Yin Yoga and Embodied flow. She now shares her passion for raising consciousness through her work as a yoga teacher, ceremony facilitator and retreat leader. You will find her classes infuse meditative and soulful aspects, exploring the deeper layers of this human embodied existence.

Chris and Deni, Acroyoga Instructors

Chris and Deni combine their love for acrobatics with a charismatic teaching voice to create a safe and fun environment. Together they have completed over 100 hours of Acroyoga Teacher Training under the J&C Mastermind Method.


They will be offering regular weekly classes at Healthy Self Yoga, and also facilitate monthly workshops and multi-day intensives and we hope too bring some of these exciting things to the studio. Their attention to detail, progressive style of training, and gentle demeanor will leave each student feeling stronger in their practice.


If Chris and Deni aren’t playing acro, you’ll find them hiking in the mountains, on a slackline, or sipping a coconut latte.

Daisy Perkins, Yoga Instructor

Daisy has completed both a 200 hr and 500hr YTT and have a CERT IV in Yoga Teaching. Yoga has transformed the way she thinks and perceives the world and has given her new control over her body and mind. This is something that Daisy aims to pass on to our students.


Over the last couple of years, Daisy have been teaching for Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay and has had a variety of private clients, all at varying points in their yoga journeys. As with all teachers, teaching is a skill she is constantly expanding and is eager to pass on the knowledge that she currently has and will continue to learn along the way. Daisy teaches in a variety of styles depending on the level of the students. However, she favours teaching in a Vinyasa style flowing through juicy and deep movements that allow students to really connect their mind and body through breath

5a/15 Red Oaks Drive, Frankton Queenstown 9371

Tel: 021 135 0194, info@healthyself.nz

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